Why We Celebrate Administrative Professionals Week

During WWII there was a shortage of workers in many professions and fields, women started to enter the work force in droves. Recognizing the need for more skilled secretaries, support staff and office workers an advertising company in NYC called Young and Rubicam proposed the celebrating Secretaries across the county. This was a marketing strategy … Read more

Honey… Rub My Back – Celebrate Love with Couples Massage.

Your Goal in Couples Massage is to be Effective in Technique, Loving With Your Touch and Rich in Gratitude On the wane of Valentines’ Day an eager young couple came to take my class; Honey…Rub My Back. The purpose of this class is to teach couples how to massage one another without getting tired, worn … Read more

Surprise, You’re Getting a Massage!

Twice a month on average I receive phone calls from people who want to “Surprise” someone with a massage or spa treatment. It amazes me as to the extent some people will go to pull it off. I have had the pleasure of arriving at homes of wives, parents, husbands, girlfriends, grandparents, daughters and couples … Read more