Honey… Rub My Back – Celebrate Love with Couples Massage.

Your Goal in Couples Massage is to be Effective in Technique, Loving With Your Touch and Rich in Gratitude

The purpose of this class is to teach couples how to massage one another without getting tired, worn out, or sore while massaging. With plenty of focus on technique, communication and breathing.

Some time has passed since I taught any class and I was excited. (Unless of course you count the daily third grade math and grammar lessons with my son which is equally exciting). I rented a lovely yoga studio in Brick NJ and though the space was open to four couples, one couple in their 20’s found they had the couples massage workshop all to themselves.

It has always been an honor for me to teach; impart knowledge and perhaps skill to others. When the student is ready the teacher is there to teach. If you believe that things happen at the right times for the right reasons then the right number of people showed up for my class.

There is a metal prep that goes on in your head prior to teaching. First step; ground yourself. Second step; ground your students. Grounding yourselves prior to massaging will keep you focused, aware and awake. Some couples loose focus quickly once they start rubbing each other. So here is how to ground yourselves; plant your feet firmly on the floor, breath up through the ground into your legs, up your torso and down through your arms out your hands.

Begin to touch your partner, slowly feeling the space around their physical body (this is called the etheric body). Gently begin to connect your hands to their skin. Keep the focus on the stroke. Chances are if your in a couples massage class what you are doing is already feeling pretty good to your partner. Massage is not sexual. You goal is not to turn your partner on sexually. Your goal is to be effective in technique, loving with your touch and more in gratitude for this Being you are touching. Touch is such a satisfying way to express your appreciation for one another.

Encourage your partner to offer feedback on pressure, technique or just how you are feeling in general. Once they do offer feedback acknowledge your partner and let them know you heard how they feel. Communication works both ways. For a relationship to work most couples/people just want to be appreciated.

For the purpose of this class I was able to follow a basic massage sequence focusing on core requests and the individual needs of the couple. They were excellent students. Listening to one another listening to my guidance and suggestions. The whole experience was safe and non-judgmental. It is possible you can touch, trust, feel, share and give of yourself for a moment in time then to receive those gifts in return will make all the difference.

What made this couple so special was their dedication to the art of massage.They were open, ready to experience new ways of releasing tension and stress in their bodies. They were celebrating their love and expressing themselves in new ways. I was blessed to be a part of that.

Couples take a couples massage class to deepen their connection with each other. To feel their partner in new ways both their physical body as well as their etheric body . Through touch we are able to feel, read and hopefully share an even more intimate relationship with our partner.

All you have to do is breathe, believe in love and begin.

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