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We deliver relaxing and therapeutic massage services by certified massage therapists that New Jersey loves the most! Whether you’re seeking stress release, a therapeutic massage to help treat a particular condition or a specialized session to target sore muscles, your experienced and licensed massage therapist is trained to deliver the exact experience you need for your in home massages. After your relaxing massage, you’ll understand why Pampered Spirit clients love our NJ Mobile Massage Services.

(Minimum of 1 hour to book a mobile service)
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New Jersey Mobile Therapeutic Massage Menu & Pricing

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Wellness Massage

Enjoy your massage in the comfort of your home. No Driving Required! Our Certified Massage Therapists will bring all the essentials. Our therapeutic deeply relaxing signature Wellness Massage incorporates the long gliding strokes of traditional Swedish massage, along with varying modalities to address your unique needs.  Medium to firm pressure. If you desire less pressure, simply tell your therapist. Aromatherapy included if desired.

  • 30 Min… $80
  • 60 Min… $150
  • 90 Min… $210
  • 120 Min… $320
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Stress Buster Deep Tissue Massage

Need more pressure to soothe tense and achy muscles?  By applying static pressure using slow, deep strokes to target specific muscle groups and or knots this style will address musculoskeletal issues.  May incorporate Sports style massage and stretching techniques. This mobile deep tissue massage is the absolute best. 

  • 30 Min… $90
  • 60 Min… $180
  • 90 Min… $260

Himalayan Salt Stone Message

Incorporates warm salt crystal stones to soothe away stress and tight muscles.  Salt has grounding properties and helps improve sleep and balance the central nervous system.  Salt’s natural properties gently exfoliate to promote naturally smooth skin, reducing the signs of aging.  Salt stones glide as smoothly as traditional basalt (river rock) stones, but the salt minerals are actually being absorbed into the skin.

  • 60 Min… $180
  • 90 Min… $240
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four handed mobile massage two therapists new jersey

Signature Four-Handed Massage

An award winning indulgence!

Two therapists massage your body at the same time on the massage table. This is NOT a choreographed massage. The rate and pace of the two therapists will be similar, however using their own unique techniques and strokes. This rhythmic movement will induce an even deeper relaxation. As the therapists maneuver around your body, four hands may begin to feel like six hands, then eight hands, until you are transformed to a new level of massage experience. Emerge renewed and serene.

  • 60 Min… $320

Gua Sha Facial Massage

Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese anti-aging therapy. A light facial serum is applied before the therapist gently scapes over the skin using a tool made of natural stone, wood or metal. Gua sha may reduce puffiness, improve circulation and smooth wrinkles. A relaxing and unique approach to promote healthy skin. The treatment time is 30 minutes.

  • 30 Min… $80 (keep the tool)

Face, Neck & Scalp Treatment

Treat yourself to a truly amazing, aromatic experience. Start with acupressure massage of the face and head, followed by application of warm Jojoba oil infused with 16 different herbs designed to stimulate hair follicles and induce deep relaxation. Finish with a cold stone massage of the face and neck.

  • 30 Min… $85

lymphatic drainage massage in new jersey

Lymphatic Drainage Massage (MLD)

This highly specialized form of massage is designed to move fluid through the lymph system and restore lymphatic flow of the human body.  The lymph system relies on tiny muscular units contracting to cause lymph to flow and it may be stagnated due to numerous causes including surgery, trauma, illness, stress and age.

Lymphatic drainage massage involves a series of gentle maneuvers to recirculate body fluids, resulting in decreased swelling and detoxification. Manual lymphatic drainage often results in the reduction of symptoms of many chronic acute conditions.

Our therapists are trained in Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD), which is lymphatic massage based on four basic Vodder strokes, all of which utilize a series of gentle pressure strokes.

Clients looking for help with recovery after surgery, pain control, lymphedema and minimizing the appearance of cellulite will benefit from moving the lymph fluid through the lymphatic system with Lymphatic Drainage Massage.

  • ​50 Min… $180
  • 70 Min… w/ Dry Brush $250


The idea behind reiki is the energy that surrounds us has healing capabilities, and this energy can be channeled into anyone desiring to receive healing energy. The reiki practitioner acts as a straw for the energy to flow through. Reiki has been successful in promoting relaxation and in alleviating stress and anxiety. 

  • ​50 Min… $140

Prenatal / Pregnancy Massage

A Swedish massage that focuses on the mother-to-be, which in turn nurtures the new life that grows within her. A relaxing massage to reduce stress during a pregnancy. During a prenatal massage, you are positioned on your side with supportive pillows used to accommodate expectant moms. The therapist will use light, medium or deep pressure depending on your needs.

Massage performed during pregnancy can:

  • Reduce anxiety
  • Decrease symptoms of depression
  • Relieve muscle aches and joint pains
  • Improve labor outcomes and newborn health

Women should first discuss massage with their prenatal care provider, especially with high-risk pregnancy, PIH, preeclampsia, previous pre-term labor, when experiencing severe swelling, high blood pressure, or sudden, severe headaches, or if you have recently given birth. Please inform us where you are in your pregnancy. Massage is typically contraindicated in the first trimester.

  • 60 Min… $160

mobile massage reflexology foot massage nj


Reflexology is a type of massage that involves applying different amounts of pressure to the hands and feet.  It’s based on a theory that these body parts are connected to certain organs and body systems.  This very specific pressure can be uncomfortable and is different from a traditional foot massage.  However, reflexology treatments of the hands and feet can reduce pain, stress and anxiety in the entire body.  

Signature Foot Treatment

Looking to have your feet and legs worked on?  We offer the best in foot treatments.  After your feet soak in our foot basin, your therapist will exfoliate the dry skin on the legs and feet with a sugar scrub.  We wrap your feet in hot towels and then finish with a soothing massage incorporating the acupressure points.  

  • 30 Min… $85
  • 60 Min… $170

Signature Hand Treatment

Reward tired hands or feet with our Pampered Spirit Signature Treatment. The products used in this treatment are 90% organic and made from the finest herbs and oils. First, soak in a warm aromatherapy fizzling bath. Next, exfoliate dry skin with a sugar scrub, followed by warm lavender infused towels. Finally relax with a reflexology massage with hemp balm. The treatment finishes with a botanical vitamin A & E serum and TheraVie mitts or booties to further soften and heal the skin.
Note: This is a very aromatic treatment.

  • 30 Min… $85
  • 60 Min… $170

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