World Massage Festival 2012

world massage festivalI recently attended the World Massage Festival at the Tuscany Suites in Las Vegas Nevada, August of 2012. This is my third year attending and I must say it gets better and better with each year. Mike Hinkle and his better half Cindy do a fabulous job scheduling top notch instructors, guest speakers and vendors at this event. Students and practitioners from all over the county participate in the classes. Seeing old and making new friends and connection is what the WMF is all about. In addition gaining those much needed CE’s in various modalities and by attending lectures.

Notably, this year I met Mark Lamm President of the BioSync Research Institute in California. Mark and I spoke at length about using the boundless power (CHI) available to us that encourages greater and faster progress for our clients. For Mark it’s all about the CHI. Generating your CHI energy comes from your Core. The practitioner will experience less stress, tension and wear and tear on their body as a result of tapping into the non-muscular CHI energy. The BioSync method is about utilizing whole body movements. Thank you Mark for your awesome presentation and wisdom.

Another great presenter at the conference was American Shaman Jenny Ray of the Cedar Stone School of Massage. Jenny uses natural stones to aid in the healing and relaxation of her clients. One of the main points I learned from Jenny was regarding sanitation. How to protect yourself and your clients from MRSA. In order to keep ourselves and our clients safe and free of disease we must first take the necessary precautions to ensure the cleanliness of our environment and our equipment. Washing our sheets in bleach and using other cleaning products found at will help prevent the spread of community MRSA; a common (too common these days) staph infection resistant to most antibiotics. Valuable and informative information. Thank you Jenny.
There were many wonderful vendors displaying their goods and demonstrating their skills this year. I was able relax and meditate on a Biomat – those Far Infared negative Ions pulsing through my body made 20 minutes on the mat feel like a 6 hour sleep. And in a city like Las Vegas who couldn’t use that!
Many blessings to Darcell Neibaur who dedicates her time and practice to helping child burn victims. Darcell’s talented hands massaged my aching feet with a reflexology treatment. My tired dogs no doubt the result of 115 degree heat and long walks down Las Vegas Blvd. All the money she earns goes directly to the Shriners Institute in North Carolina. Thank you for your service Darcell.

Looking forward to attending my next World Massage Festival. Come and join me next time!