Why We Celebrate Administrative Professionals Week

During WWII there was a shortage of workers in many professions and fields, women started to enter the work force in droves. Recognizing the need for more skilled secretaries, support staff and office workers an advertising company in NYC called Young and Rubicam proposed the celebrating Secretaries across the county.

This was a marketing strategy as a way of drawing attention to the field. The idea caught on and in the 1950’s National Secretaries Day was born.

Over the next several decades this “day” would morph and change names. In the 1980’s National Secretary Day was changed to National Secretary Week. A whole week of celebrating secretaries everywhere, awesome!

In the year 2000 the word Secretary would be omitted and the new politically correct name would be called Administrative Professionals Week. The reasoning was to encompass the expanding job titles, responsibilities and support staff in the office setting.

How to show you appreciate your admin staff

Administrative Professionals week has become one of the largest workplace holidays recognizing support staff with gifts; flowers, candy, lunch, gift cards or even time off.

Pampered Spirit suggests employers provide chair massages, foot reflexology or even manicures on site for your Administrative Professionals. Especially when there are many employees to celebrate this can be a more cost effective and time managed.

Employer arranged relaxation events to show their appreciation and recognize the stress their employee’s are under at work is a great way to celebrate this important annual workplace holiday!

Show your administrative professional staff how much you appreciate their contributions and care about their health and wellbeing.

Over 80% of the US workforce is stressed at work

Having a massage at work doesn’t just add to a positive company culture, it also boosts productivity. Everyone loves a back massage or even a simple hand massage for those tired typing fingers. Massage at the office is a great opportunity for employees to bond after their treatment and have some positive feedback for one another and feel good themselves.

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