Surprise, You’re Getting a Massage!

Twice a month on average I receive phone calls from people who want to “Surprise” someone with a massage or spa treatment.

It amazes me as to the extent some people will go to pull it off.

I have had the pleasure of arriving at homes of wives, parents, husbands, girlfriends, grandparents, daughters and couples and saying; “Hi my name is Bridget I am from The Pampered Spirit Mobile Massage & Spa and I am here to give you a massage……The look on some of their faces is priceless! Here are a few memorable stories….

Girlfriend’s Birthday Surprise:

I recently scheduled a massage and facial for a young man surprising his girlfriend for her 25th birthday. We talked on the phone several time before the actual date. Timing is everything I told him. If she gets home at 2:30 and you want to leave at 6pm for dinner we have to plan this right. “So here’s the plan, I’ll arrive at 2:50, set up the table and begin the massage at 3pm. At 4:05 the facialist will come in and set up. Your girlfriend won’t even have to get off the table! In the downtime it takes to “change the guard” so to speak I will treat her to a hand and foot treatment with heated mitts and booties.” He loved the idea and we confirmed the details twice. Needless to say when I arrived the girlfriend was shocked and surprised and said she had never heard of this in home spa before. She washed up and came downstairs with a big smile on her face and said; “This is cool, I’m ready!” Kudos to boyfriends that do stuff like this.

Mom and Dad Day Surprise:

A thoughtful daughter booked couples massage for her parents one Sunday to celebrate Mothers and Fathers Day combined. She told her parents to dress comfortable and be home by 3pm. We arrived and knocked on the door. The Father answered and seemed less than thrilled with our presence. He called his wife to the door. I was afraid they were going to ask us to leave! His wife convinced him it would be all right. Their experience was a positive one. Now we go to their home every few months to give the couple regular massages. Try everything once and twice if you like it!

Grandparents 50Th Anniversary Surprise:

This is one of my favorite stories. The Granddaughter and Daughter along with the rest of the “kids” in the family wanted to do something very special for their Grandparents 50Th Wedding Anniversary. They booked a suite at a nice hotel and sent them on a treasure hunt throughout the hotel to find clues to various presents. One of the clues led them back to their room where The Pampered Spirit staff was waiting to give them Manicure’s, Pedicure’s and Massages. Yes, Grandpa got a Pedicure! The family also included a bottle of their favorite champagne, flowers and chocolates to complete the package. After all this treasure hunting was complete the couple was greeted by friends and family downstairs for the Party!

Wife’s Sparkle Party:

A police officer called and wanted help planning a baby shower for his wife. It was their second child so he said it’s not really a baby shower but a Sprinkle. I said no it’s a SPArkle! The name stuck so we went with it. We set up stations for chair massages, hand and foot treatments. ALL the ladies were surprised and his wife especially! This dad knew how to spoil his wife but her friends too!

Be thoughtful, plan a surprise for someone you love today.

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