About The Owner

Bridget Riley, NBCMT

Bridget is a professional health coach who graduated from University of North Carolina in 1996 with a BA in Geography. After graduation, she traveled to Europe and suffered from a bruised rib that almost cut her trip short. During her recovery Bridget discovered the benefits of massage.

Upon returning from Europe, she enrolled in massage therapy training at Garden State Center for Holistic Health Care in Lakewood, NJ. She graduated Garden State in 1998 under the supervision of her teacher and mentor Gloria Coppola. She has been developing her skills and brand since.

“I was driven to massage therapy by the increased need to help others relax, reduce pain and manage stress more effectively,” says Bridget. Bridget has been a pioneer in the industry over the past 20 years. She has studied various massage modalities such as Lymphatic Drainage, Cancer Massage, Reflexology, Lomi Lomi, neuromuscular and craniosacral.

Bridget is a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist, a member of AMTA and NJ State Licensed #26BT00129700.

“I love growing and operating a small business in a field that brings congruity to the body, mind and spirit.” says Bridget.

“Why mobile? I believe for every one full hour of bodywork you should be able to relax for one full hour after. Tell me a spa or salon that allows for this kind of relaxation after the treatment.” That is why the benefits of an at-home massage far outweigh traveling to a spa and then traveling home. In your home you can be relaxed and not have to race anywhere afterwards.” “There’s nothing like getting a massage at home and being able to stay to be in that space of bliss or relaxation or sleepiness or awareness afterwards.” says Bridget.

The Pampered Spirit would not be what it is today after opening its door in 2007 if not for the Pampered Spirits listed below. A Pampered Spirit must be certified from an accredited school, eligible to work in the United States of America, carry liability insurance, register with the state as a licensed/certified massage therapist and have at least five years experience.

Interested in Working with The Pampered Spirit as a Massage Therapist?

About Pampered Spirit

We believe that pampering your spirit and self care is not an indulgence, but is essential for optimal existence. We believe a Pampered Spirit is an essential part of the living age and the work we do at Pampered Spirit helps each individual reach their health and wellness goals.

Pampered Spirit was created for you and we invite you to take the next steps to wellness. Unlock your potential, breathe better, and optimize your relaxation experience. 

What is a Pampered Spirit?

A Pampered Spirit is someone who betters the world, by first bettering themselves. We employ high-quality talent with diverse educational backgrounds. We are based in Point Pleasant, New Jersey and we travel to serve clients, customers, individuals and businesses throughout New Jersey and beyond. 

Some Pampered Spirit Staff at Tiffany’s

A Pampered Spirit is part of the living age and is not gender specific. A Pampered Spirit seeks support of themselves in the hopes of encouraging their own fortitude. Serene & cheerful in spite of human suffering. Self indulgent, an air of aristocracy perhaps with the understanding that pleasure and idleness is necessary at times.

This might overwhelm some of the more abstemious spirits but a health conscious pampered spirit knows how to help others by helping themselves. This way of living will not only support the individual but also influence the masses.

~ Bridget Riley

Introducing Point Pleasant’s first Himalayan salt lounge and dry salt therapy cabin. 

The Owner’s Journey- Holistic Health Visionary and Licensed Massage Therapist


The Pampered Spirit’s Owner-Operator is Bridget Riley.  Bridget entered the Spa Wellness business in 1998 when she obtained her Massage Therapy Certification.  “I went to the Garden State Center for Holistic Health Care, a small school in Lakewood, NJ.  At that time, the school focused on technique and self-development.  I found the anatomy and physiology fairly easy as I had just completed my BA Degree in science, so I was able to concentrate on the finer points of massage.” 

Massage therapy was not a popular vocation on the early 90’s.  The job market mostly consisted of spas in hotels, destination locations or vacation spots.  Bridget “broke in her hands” at the Hilton in Long Branch, NJ.

​Bridget believes massage is a vehicle to wellness and she strives to offer her clients the most beneficial treatment possible.  For the therapist, massage is also a way to connect with another individual.  Once she makes that connection with someone, her focus changes.  

“The energy flows through my body, out my hands and aligns with the areas on the person’s body that need addressing ~ I find those knots and get in there,” she says.

Convinced she had found her purpose, Bridget opened a massage therapy office in Point Pleasant Beach called Body ‘n Mind.  It was a single office space and Bridget was a solo practitioner.  “I want something bigger, something more – but at the time I didn’t know how to go about it,” she said.

Bridget saw an untapped niche in the spa industry and began developing a new business model for a Mobile Spa business.  The year was 2006 and the economy was starting to falter.  Less overhead and more flexibility in scheduling seemed like a win-win to Bridget and The Pampered Spirit Mobile Massage & Spa was born. 

Today, The Pampered Spirit Mobile Massage & Spa has a network of over 40 therapists throughout NJ and NY, specializing in individual services, corporate events and Spa Parties.  “The business is busy and I love what Pampered Spirit Mobile has developed into,” exclaims Bridget.

With the eye of an entrepreneur, Bridget was looking for the next wave of opportunity.  A location was the next logical step in the evolution process as a therapist and business owner.  Bridget muses, “I knew I wanted to open a business in Point Pleasant, NJ.  I love this town, and all the residents, both summer and year-round.  I raise my son here and I think it’s one of the most desirable places to grow up.  You just can’t beat living and working by the beach!”​

After looking at several business models and franchises, and even considering Cryotherapy, Bridget decided nothing made more sense than salt.  She had been to salt caves and found them relaxing and improved her breathing.  Her son was having  a terrible  time with allergies and it broke her heart to watch him suffer.  The doctor suggested using a Neti Pot.  She then realized…we need a salt lounge in our area!  Bridget started the process of researching all things salt: salt businesses, salt caves, salt chambers and salt cabins.  She spoke with pulmonologists and allergy doctors and received tremendous feedback and interest.  Bridget’s research continued in Florida, where Halotherapy, or dry salt therapy, is popular.  During a research trip to Southern Florida, she was able to visit four different salt therapy facilities within a 25 mile radius. 

Having decided that dry salt therapy was a business for her, the question of which type of administration system remained.  Bridget wanted a place where people could come to relax and leave their worries behind. The caves were big and expensive to build and she didn’t feel like the concentration of salt was intense enough.  Bridget reports, “When I experienced the salt cabin on my visits to Florida, I knew that was the model for me and the people in our community.”

​Ideally, the salt cabin is intimate, warm, clean and the salt is concentrated enough that you might taste a touch on your lips.  It provides an opportunity to relax, rest and breathe deeply.  The session time in a cabin is also less than that in a cave.  In just 30 minutes, you can improve your respiratory function, clear your sinuses and reduce inflammation in your airway passages.  The salt cabin seats four people in upright reclining chairs or two people in full length reclining chairs.  The lighting and music is soft and soothing.

Halotherapy is not the only service offered at Pampered Spirit. This New Jersey mobile spa not only offered this beneficial therapy, but also includes the services that her mobile clients have come to love and enjoy.  “I wanted to offer massage therapy, skin care, reflexology and a sauna experience to my guests as well. The dry salt has been added to the mobile services we provide.

Bridget feels incredibly excited and blessed to be able to bring The Pampered Spirit to this location in Point Pleasant.