Can Therapeutic Massage Help Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain?

Therapeutic massage can be an excellent rheumatoid arthritis treatment. Therapeutic massage treatments, while able to achieve muscle release in an affected joint region, can also positively affect the physiological systems of a patient with RA and help to alleviate and prolong the deteriorating effects of the disease,” according to a study presented at the 2007 … Read more

Antidotes to Stress in Post-Pandemic Society

It is well known that a balanced life is essential to optimal health.  Finding equilibrium in diet, exercise, work and play, and social relationships plays an important role in physical and mental well-being.  In today’s changing world, one of our greatest health challenges is equality in the mental and physical effects of stress during this … Read more

Celebrate Customer Service Appreciation Week (Oct 7-11) With Massage!

Customer Service Appreciation Week presents the perfect opportunity for employers to treat their employees the way they want their employees to treat their customers ~ with a little extra kindness and gratitude. Customer Service Week is an international event devoted to recognizing the importance of customer service and to honoring the people who serve and … Read more