What To Expect During A Swedish Massage

Unlike deep tissue massage, a massage therapist performing a Swedish massage focuses more on relaxation and calming the body by using soft strokes instead of stronger pressure. It’s ideal for those looking to reduce stress or tension associated with everyday life, sleep better at night, and alleviate pain due to sore muscles. This popular form … Read more

Knead Away Your Migraines: Exploring the Benefits of Therapeutic Neck Massage

Massage therapy promotes relaxation and reduces stress levels which have been linked to migraine triggers. In addition, neck massage can stimulate endorphins—the body’s natural pain-relieving chemicals—which may further ease migraine discomfort. Overview Of Migraines Common Triggers for Migraines  Migraine triggers vary from person to person. Common triggers include stress, lack of sleep, certain foods (including … Read more

Unlock the Healing Power of Therapeutic Massage: Discover the Surprising Benefits for Your Mind and Body!

Types Of Therapeutic Massage Therapy There are many types of therapeutic massage therapy available at Pampered Spirit. Our mobile massage services travel throughout New Jersey and the New York metro area and our physical spa location in conveniently located in Point Pleasant, NJ at the Jersey Shore. At Pampered Spirit you can receive any of … Read more

How Salt Therapy Results In Healthier Skin, Better Breathing, Sounder Sleep, and Improved Physical Fitness

Salt draws out moisture, breaks up mucus and stimulates the body’s natural ability to cleanse the lungs and respiratory system. Salt can absorb and remove toxins and allergens from the lungs and sinuses, and may reduce inflammation and open airway passages, often resulting in better breathing. Salt gives off negative ions, which helps to counterbalance … Read more