Antidotes to Stress in Post-Pandemic Society

It is well known that a balanced life is essential to optimal health.  Finding equilibrium in diet, exercise, work and play, and social relationships plays an important role in physical and mental well-being.  In today’s changing world, one of our greatest health challenges is equality in the mental and physical effects of stress during this … Read more

Celebrate Customer Service Appreciation Week (Oct 7-11) With Massage!

Customer Service Appreciation Week presents the perfect opportunity for employers to treat their employees the way they want their employees to treat their customers ~ with a little extra kindness and gratitude. Customer Service Week is an international event devoted to recognizing the importance of customer service and to honoring the people who serve and … Read more

The Vernal Equinox – Consider A Self Care Awakening

The Vernal Equinox – Spring ahead! As the Vernal Equinox approaches, signs of Spring are everywhere. This time of rebirth is a perfect time to recommit to taking care of yourself. The warm weather, singing birds and longer days provide a refreshing and invigorating motivation. Gardening and yardwork, Spring housecleaning, longer workouts and outside fun … Read more