The Vernal Equinox – Consider A Self Care Awakening

The Vernal Equinox – Spring ahead! As the Vernal Equinox approaches, signs of Spring are everywhere. This time of rebirth is a perfect time to recommit to taking care of yourself. The warm weather, singing birds and longer days provide a refreshing and invigorating motivation. Gardening and yardwork, Spring housecleaning, longer workouts and outside fun … Read more

NJ Massage Certification Finally Comes Through!

Congratulations to the NJ Department of Nursing and the sub department of Massage and Somatic Therapies for stamping a certified envelope issuing my New Jersey State Massage License. I applied for license November of 2006 and received a “Congratulations” letter June of 2008. Oh the bureaucracy! I have had the boards number on speed dial … Read more

Plan Your Party Wisely

When buying a car do you drive to any lot see a car and say I’ll take it? Do you shop around first before driving onto a lot? I think most of us do. The same goes for choosing a mobile spa, massage therapist, skin care specialist or any professional. Creditability is the key. Here … Read more

Trip to Glenn Ivy!

Heather and I have been friends since High School so when she invited me to join her at her Aunt Rene’s home in San Diego I could not resist. I made the journey to California early January 2008. Heather was on leave from Iraq where she is currently serving an 18 month tour. Among all … Read more

Welcome to our new blog format!

Bridget RileyBridget Riley brings the spa experience into NJ client’s homes based on the theory that an hour of body work should be followed by an hour of rest. She is the owner of Pampered Spirit, the premier mobile massage business in the State of New Jersey. Pampered Spirit has a boutique location which serves … Read more