NJ Massage Certification Finally Comes Through!

Congratulations to the NJ Department of Nursing and the sub department of Massage and Somatic Therapies for stamping a certified envelope issuing my New Jersey State Massage License. I applied for license November of 2006 and received a “Congratulations” letter June of 2008. Oh the bureaucracy!

I have had the boards number on speed dial for a year and a half now. Every 6 weeks or so I would call Kimberly McFadden head of the Massage and Somatic Therapies department and just to remind them I was still out there and they had my money and when could I expect a response?

God Bless Mrs. McFadden for her patience and cordial responses to what I believe to be a state wide epidemic for massage therapists. Yes, we all understand it is in someone Else’s hands at this point and not Mrs. McFadden but for the love of trees why is this system so slow?

The real kicker is that my certification expires November 2008! When I read this I was like What? that’s 5 months from now! They have got to be kidding. Where is my extension from the Attorney General for taking so long to process my application? Perhaps I will wait till June of 2010 to pay Consumer Affairs!

I would love to hear from other massage therapists experiences with the NJ State Board of Nursing in regards to Massage Therapy Certification

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