What would you pay for real time booking software for mobile wellness providers?

In today’s world, we shop, search for almost anything and schedule appointments on line. The Wellness industry is no exception. To date scheduling for mobile spa appointments continues to present several challenges;

  • Multiple phone calls to providers and clients,
  • mapping routes
  • missing same day appointments
  • Questionable availability of contractors/employees.

Mobile Spa Company Online Booking offers a solution to these challenges. Now you can schedule multiple appointments outside of a physical location.

Mobile Spa Company Online Booking considers the client’s location for services, set’s spatial parameters, locates providers, therapist and technicians within a set area, and compensates for travel time and distance to and from locations. The software is totally adaptable to the look and feel of your website including your logo, user friendly for the business owner, service provider and customers and secure and PCI compliant.

With Mobile Booking, your mobile business would effectively expand coverage area while continuing to provide value and service in the comfort and convenience of one’s home, office, hotel suite or venue; alleviation the excessive phone work to schedule appointments, guessing provider’s schedules and turning away new business.

What would you pay for this service?
A. Low Monthly fee ($39.99) and percentage of each sale/booking (5%-7%)
B. Higher Monthly fee and no percentage ($199)
C. I wouldn’t use this service because…
D. Other