Experiencing Aloha! Lomi Massage is an ancient Hawaiian healing style of bodywork.

Ever hear of Lomi Lomi? In April 09′ I journeyed to Ocean City NJ for a week long Lomi Lomi retreat. I want to share this experience with you. This work is something so deep so spiritual and so unbelievably satisfying I am still riding the wave.

To take time to be truly with yourself and others that seek the same within themselves is an honor to the highest power. Learning and using the tools stored within our “spiritual tupperware” to bring unconditional love and acceptance to our selves, clients and practice.

It was a healing journey. It was Shamanic.

Lomi is an ancient Hawaiian healing style of bodywork. And if this is your first introduction to the definition of Lomi Lomi lets leave it at that for now.

I know you want details but how can you really describe the perfect week. The house was transformed into a Hawaiian style temple space, the alter held special gifts, we wore floral sarongs and flowers in our hair sometimes, we cried, sang and laughed a lot. We spent time in silence, journeyed with our thoughts wrote in our journals our journey. We observed and demonstrated the lomi style of massage. Long full body strokes from ankle to shoulder lathered with oil. We ate the most magnificent whole foods. Our minds, body’s and spirits overflowed. There was no want only love.

I remember thinking one day I can’t believe I can receive, or give for that matter, any more love or massage; I am so full. And then you do and then you heart opens even more and then you learn more about yourself and you heal.

I am truly blessed to have experienced the art of Lomi Lomi and am pleased to bring the work to my friends, family and clients!

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