What Do You Mean by “Mobile” Exactly?

Several times a month I receive calls from potential clients asking, “what do you mean by a Mobile Spa? or What is it exactly” Some assume that I come in an RV and the services take place outside in a Van, Truck or some sort of vehicle. While there are some Mobile Spa Company’s that … Read more

Rt. 66 Business – Scheduling Software for Mobile Businesses

Many small businesses are taking to the road both literally and figuratively, via the information highway. An increasing number of businesses offer services from the comfort and convenience of the customer’s location. Brick and mortar commercial property is a thing of the past. Small business is struggling to sustain their inventory, services and customers in … Read more

Mobile Scheduling

Well my friends it is all most here…..MSC software. The first and only online scheduling software for Mobile Practitioners. Created by a massage therapist for massage therapists and other mobile business alike. This software differs from the traditional online scheduling calenders in many ways. Most importantly your phone now become your tracker. Where ever you … Read more

What would you pay for real time booking software for mobile wellness providers?

In today’s world, we shop, search for almost anything and schedule appointments on line. The Wellness industry is no exception. To date scheduling for mobile spa appointments continues to present several challenges; Multiple phone calls to providers and clients, mapping routes missing same day appointments Questionable availability of contractors/employees. Mobile Spa Company Online Booking offers … Read more