Mobile Spa’s have taken off in the beginning of the 21st century. In 2008, over five hundred Mobile Spas advertise services throughout the United States. In 2006 & 2007, there were approximately 300 registered mobile spas in the US respectively. When I started The Pampered Spirit in 2005, there were roughly 100 mobile spas. Between January and March of 09, I found an additional 35 Mobile Spa’s in the US. Why have mobile spas increased so rapidly?

One attributing factor is the increase in wellness education throughout the media. One result of this outreach leads people to discuss the benefits of massage with their doctors. In July of 2008, thirteen percent of adult Americans reported discussing massage therapy with their doctors or healthcare providers. Sixty percent of those doctors either strongly recommended or encouraged massage therapy (1). Thank’s Doc!

A company offering on-site chair massage breaks instead of a donut break is a well needed… on-going campaign. Meeting quarterly quotas, rewarding hard work, boasting morale and preventing injury are some of the more common reasons companies offer on-site massage. Some companies may even receive a discount on their worker’s comp insurance! Kudos to Corporate America and Small Business’s for supporting a Mobile Spa.

The membership-based massage businesses have attributed to the number of people receiving their first massage. Between 2006 & 2007 1 in 4 American’s had received their first massage (2). Could the Massage Envy’s and Hand & Stone Companies take credit for this? I think so. You know what they say…try everything once and twice if you like it! Maybe you like it better at home!

Many people are realizing they need and require regular massage to keep up the pace, put in the long hours, maintain good mental health and relieve the pain and stress in their bodies. Time is our greatest luxury and many of us feel we do not have the time to go to the spa but feel we will benefit from a massage. A mobile spa therapist that arrives at your home with all the amenities is priceless. Imagine not having to race home from a spa so you could relax; you are all ready home!

There are several reasons people prefer a mobile spa to a location spa. The following is a Top 10 list of why many Go Mobile:

10. You travel a lot and would love a massage at your hotel.
9. You are an Employer looking to reduce absenteeism and boast morale.
8. You like to relax in the privacy of their home.
7. You are disabled or terminally ill and cannot drive.
6. You are a caregiver and feel more comfortable being home.
5. You are a Mom who enjoys massage after the kids are asleep and gets a good night rest herself.
4. You work a ridiculous amount of hours.
3. You are a Man who does not do the spa and robe thing.
2. You are a groups celebrating a special occasion or gathering for a spa party.
1. People with a lot of stress and little free time.

Mobile Spa’s have increased so rapidly because society is better-educated, mass marketing of massage; media coverage and greater support from the medical community. More and more people recognize massage as an important element to their overall health and looking for spa alternatives to suit their busy lifestyles. Mobile Spa’s, will save time, decrease environmental stress and bring you longer lasting peace and health.

1.AMTA Fact Finding Sheet; 2008
2. U.S Department of Labor ;2007

Bridget Riley is the owner of The Pampered Spirit Mobile Massage and Spa located in NJ.
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