Rt. 66 Business – Scheduling Software for Mobile Businesses

Many small businesses are taking to the road both literally and figuratively, via the information highway. An increasing number of businesses offer services from the comfort and convenience of the customer’s location. Brick and mortar commercial property is a thing of the past. Small business is struggling to sustain their inventory, services and customers in the traditional store front way. Business owners are turning bedrooms into offices and garages and basements into store rooms. Cutting down on overhead, developing websites and aggressively advertising online is necessary to the survival of several businesses.

Mobile service providers are dedicated professional’s that recognize and value the time of their customers. The Mobile workforce today is mildly comparable to the Milk Man or the Fuller Brush Man or even the gypsy selling his wares from a horse drawn wagon. The difference today is many mobile businesses have several employees or contractor’s covering a greater geographic area.

Mapping out appointments on a Rand McNally is no longer the preferred method of calculating distance. Multiple appointments in different locations and same day requests require technologically advance booking and scheduling applications. Some may argue that much is lost in the cyber space. I disagree; meeting customer demands in a time crunched society is much more personal than waiting “online”.

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