You Are A Perfect Gift!

The month of December always brings warm memories and anticipation for things yet to come. My family celebrates Christmas. I think of Christmas as the coming of the light. There is excitement in the air. No matter what is going on personally I turn my thoughts to others and the spirit of giving.

What can I do for others? What do people really need? The answer has never been tangible. I believe the answer is love, time and peace. Love from your family and friends, time to spend with those you love and peace of mind to enjoy the moment.

How do we give the best of ourselves when we may not always feel these emotions we wish for others? Take a deep breath, enjoy a happy memory or visualize a new one, breathe again and enjoy the moment. You have just given yourself Love, time to remember and the peace of mind to do so. Now go out and spread the joy, tell others of your secret and live by example. The rest will take care of itself. Allow yourself to enjoy more time and block schedule smaller increments of time for the rest of those thoughts that consume of all too often . Life is to short.

Peace, Health and Love to all this holiday season!

Bridget Riley is the owner of The Pampered Spirit Mobile Massage & Spa Co.
Time by yourself for yourself. Spa Treatments in the comfort of your home, office or hotel suite. Traveling NJ.