Celebrity Massages – Which of your favorite celebrities get massages at home?

Massages are a way of unwinding and relaxing not only for you, but for many of your favorite celebrities.

If you’re familiar with the hit nineties sitcom Friends you probably are a fan of Jennifer Aniston. Aniston is a huge advocate for taking care of her body and mind. One thing she does to help keep her relaxed and feeling well is frequent massages. Like many of our clients, Jen appreciates in-home service as an insider revealed: “She gets massages in her home spa, too. She prefers when people come to her.” (Blynn, 2016).

Think Jennifer Aniston is the only celeb to enjoy massages? Think again. An unusual new craze in the Hollywood & music scene is called back-biting massage. Celebrities like Katy Perry, Heidi Klum and Kanye West have all participated in the fad. Simon Cowell once flew the back biting therapist to London to experience the treatment himself. The belief is, similar to cupping, the gentle biting on your back helps circulation and blood flow. Seems a little “out there,” right?

Something a bit more mainstream is Beyoncé’s pre-concert ritual. While her team preps her hair and makeup, she indulges is a nice relaxing foot massage. Even Queen B finds time for self-care!

Mariah Cary once reportedly had an eight-hour deep tissue massage in her LA home. Price tag: $1500. We wonder how any one therapist could massage for that long!

Pampered Spirit therapists have worked on some A-list clients over the years and we are looking forward to the upcoming festival season. “Musicians are always happy to see us backstage. During the grind of touring, they might not have the time to get worked on. It’s a stand around and wait kind of job sometimes and that adds additional strain,” says Bridget Riley, the owner of Pampered Spirit.

Next time you see a Friends rerun on TV or hear a new Beyoncé song on the radio, just remember that these celebs, although being extremely busy, still make time for the well-being of their bodies. You should too.

Because celebrities are able to afford the best of the best, they demand top performers to provide their services. We have the confidence, integrity and exceed the level of standards they’re accustomed to. Word of mouth is one of the best marketing tools for keeping a successful Swedish massage business going and discretion is of the utmost importance no matter who our clients are. You can count of us to deliver a five-star massage!

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