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Reduce Stress at Work

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Show your employees, staff or faculty your appreciation by providing an interactive and engaging Workplace Wellness Workshop and/or on-site chair massage services.

Create a company culture that values wellness. Learn easy ways to relieve stress at work and gain more energy during the day from an experienced and engaging presenter! Book this workshop for you & your staff – get through the slump at work!

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Let’s Breathe 

What you will learn:  

  • Centering and grounding techniques for a mindful practice
  • Breathing techniques to alleviate stress 
  • Breathing techniques to increase energy


Self Care Tip & Tricks 

You may combine two or more of the following topics:

What you will learn:

  • Trigger point therapy for alleviating headaches
  • How to use a tennis ball to release stress and discomfort
  • Ergonomics in the workplace
  • Cupping for comfort and increased circulation
  • Boost your immune system and open your lymphatic system


Anti-Inflammatory Diet 

What you will learn: 

  • How to increase lifespan
  • Food for thought
  • Vision for a healthy lifestyle

About Wellness Workshops

  • Workshops vary in length from 30-60 minutes, depending on the workshop number of participants
  • Pricing starting at $750
  • Pricing will vary depending on the number of topics, participants, and location
  • Will travel

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About Your Presenter:

Bridget Riley is a professional health coach who has been passionate about the healing arts profession since before her college graduation in 1996. Bridget created not only a successful career as a Licensed Massage Therapist, but a thriving mobile spa business as well. Her experience as a high school educator taught her how to think on her feet, convey the message, and entertain the group. Her expertise on self massage techniques has been featured on The Dr. Oz Show and other platforms. Bridget enjoys teaching couples massage workshops, lecturing on stress relief and self massage. She is well-versed and current on the latest spa trends. Read more about Bridget >

Presenter: Bridget Riley
LOCATION: Your Place of Business, Available Throughout The USA
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No Group Is Too Small Or Too Big

Pampered Spirit Appeared on The Dr. Oz Show

Dr. Oz invited Bridget Riley, owner of Pampered Spirit Mobile Massage and Spa, to demonstrate a stress relieving self-massage technique to the audience. Featured on the episode, Surprising Ways to Live Longer, Bridget’s DIY facial massage technique is one of Dr. Oz’s surprisingly simple ways to boost longevity and extend your life in a minute or less!

Pampered Spirit Staff at the Dr. Oz Show, 2011

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