3 Tips to Stress Less this Holiday Season.

Topping the list of this years spa trends was ways to reduce increased compounded stress. No doubt 2017 has been a turbulent year of unrest on many levels. Now that the holidays are here stress can be amplified. Here are a few tips to keep in mind for the remaining weeks of the year.

1. Stick to your health regime.
Eat well as often as possible and enjoy the holiday parties. Just remember exercise is key to relieving stress. Try to take a walk outside when the sun is highest in the sky everyday. This will help give you much needed vitamin D during the shorter days of the season. Vitamin D is essential in helping with Seasonal Affect Disorder. So if you get SAD get outside and get some D.

2. Treat yourself to a massage.
Receiving a massage positively affects all levels of your well-being. The slow, rhythmic movements help produce feelings of calm and peace. Massage therapy can relieve stress significantly on your physical body. Massage can be equally effective for calming the emotional psychological pressures the holidays can bring. Massage decreases blood pressure and heart rate as well as improves circulation. Massage therapy is one way to feel your best during the holidays.

3. Focus on positive relationships.
Holidays bring families together but they also bring some baggage better left at home. Try not let anticipated stress of getting together with your family ruin your gathering. Rather Eat, Drink and Be Merry! Resolve to focus on the importance of your family for their place in your life and at your table not necessarily the drama from throughout the year.

Most importantly, take time for yourself by yourself to recharge and stay happy and healthy for the holidays!

Bridget Riley – Owner Pampered Spirit Mobile Massage & Spa Co.