Tipping… At Your Discretion

As a Mobile Spa Owner, often I am asked, “How much do I tip?” In our company, we feel that a tip is a voluntary gesture of appreciation for good or excellent service. I leave that to the discretion of the client. A tip is not, in my opinion, an entitlement.

Our policy refrains from the use of automatic service charges. How can you tip on a service you haven’t had yet? Tipping, if at all, should be based on your overall experience from customer service to the timeliness of your appointment, the quality of service, the preparedness of the person performing the services and the overall professionalism of your provider . If it’s compulsory, it’s not a gratuity.

Customers routinely ask me “what do you suggest is a good percentage for a tip?” I say; “tipping is 100% voluntary” or “We believe that a gratuity is a gesture of thanks for excellent service and it the prerogative of our guests”. Careful to not cross that fuzzy line of good taste.

Sometimes more information is needed. Keeping in mind the general tipping percentages within other service industries like restaurants for example being between %15-%20 , you book a 60 minute $100 service . So now you have it in your head you have to budget an extra $15-$20 for the service. Sometimes the extra cashola can be a deciding factor whether or not you book a Massage. What if the service was terrible? The technician was late, she forgot the aromatherapy you requested and you asked for a relaxation massage but wound up with Trigger Point therapy, now what? How about if the service was really excellent? Do you leave a larger tip? It is a personal preference either way.

So when asked “how much do I tip on a 60 minute massage, I say; “If you are so inclined to leave a tip please enjoy your service first since there are several variables that can come into play. Base it on the service I like to tell my customer”. Oh and by the way it is not customary to tip the owner of the business.

We believe that relationship building, referrals and repeat bookings is the greater goal of The Pampered Spirit Staff. So thank you very much if you if you would like to leave a tip. We do appreciate your business most!