Massage and Wellness Podcast Interview with Bridget Riley from Pampered Spirit

In this episode of Good Vibrations Sound Healing, Dr. Lisa and Tom Gleason introduce listeners to Bridget Riley from Pampered Spirit in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. Listen to the full interview using the embedder audio player, below.

The first in-studio guest in this podcast, Bridget discusses how she came to have a career in the wellness community. How to be relaxed and in a state of peaceful serenity and to prolong and sustain that feeling of peace and balance with Pampered Spirit Mobile Massage Services. It’s important that after spending time getting body work done like massage, you should rest for the same amount of time afterwards.

Mobile Massage Service And A Massage Spa Location

A huge benefit of mobile services and why they are important for clients who need massage therapy and alternative therapies that can’t leave their home. Clientele that are home bound or bed bound. The sick and elderly may not drive or they may have a disability that prevents them from leaving the house and it’s incredibly helpful to have these services come in to their home.

It’s also a luxury to have mobile massage services available throughout New Jersey. It’s nice to not have to get up afterwards and leave your space – home, office or hotel. We pack up and go and leave you to relax.

AMTA the American Massage Therapy Association is the hallmark of massage therapy. They are a leader in education and support therapists throughout the country. They provide liability insurance, they have a magazine and newsletters and do charity work as well. They are the gold standard.

Bridget Riley, owner of Pampered Spirit

People are more open to massage therapy as an alternative treatment for many conditions today including pain, muscle spasms, pulled muscles. Membership style massage has allowed the public to take advantage of massage therapy and experience the healing power of massage. 44% of adults have had at least one professional massage.

What are the different types of massage and how can they help?

Integrative therapeutic massage engage multiple modalities and apply them to the body. In addition to the traditional Swedish style relaxation massage, Pampered Spirit provides the following therapeutic massage services including lymphatic drainage, cranial sacral therapy, structural integration and neuromuscular therapy.

Pampered Spirit is a team of certified massage therapists in the state of New Jersey. The members of the team are a tight knit crew of individuals who enjoy working together in this age of enlightenment. Bridget addresses her team by being mindful and encouraging them to participate in self care. The givers must also receive.

Bridget looks forward to medical professionals supporting therapeutic massage as a complimentary alternative medicine that helps to promote their patient’s healing journey. This kind of collaboration between main stream doctors and certified massage therapists would benefit patients and the wellness community.

What is Dry Salt Therapy and What Are The Health Benefits?

Halotherapy allows for people to relax and receive a therapeutic treatment where medical pharmaceutical grade salt is put into a halogenerator and crushed and heated and then diffused in to the space so that you breathe it in. It helps to clean your respiratory system helping to remove toxins and pathogens as well as reduces inflammation in the lungs. It’s a concentrated salt therapy delivered into the lungs to increase lung capacity and reduce inflammation.

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