Mobile Service Partners

Consider the MOBILE SERVICE PROFESSIONALS listed here to add to your Spa Party experience along side The Pampered Spirit Mobile Massage and Spa Company. Contact Us for pricing and availability.

Spa Robes Now Available

Book a Psychic With Your Spa Party

Now offering Psychic Readings. Care for the mind and spirit. Unfolds love, business or relationships. Questions answered, never asked.

  • Crystal Energy readings
  • Tarot card readings
  • Psychic readings revealing past, present, future.
  • $25.00 per person (20 minutes)

Feast Catering personal chef services

Want to experience a unique entertaining option? Join the hundreds of people who have enjoyed the Feast Catering Experience! The Chef, with your input, will design a customized dinner menu for you and your guests. He brings all the required ingredients and utensils to prepare your meal in your home…by you and your guests! Each guest will receive copies of all the recipes used, as well as a FULL meal!

This is a great alternative to just having some friends or family over for dinner! It’s a hands-on, in-home cooking class that’s simultaneously entertaining and educational!

This is also perfect for small groups focused on team-building! Learn new skills and work closely with co-workers in a non-corporate setting.

If you value your time, love great gourmet food and want to maintain a healthy lifestyle through eating right, After shopping for the freshest ingredients, the chef will show up at your kitchen with all of the equipment necessary to produce two weeks worth of delicious dinner entrees. All you have to do is put the finishing touches on his creations and you will be dining in style in no time. Imagine, you get home from a long day of work and you haven’t even thought of what to have for dinner. This service will not only provide you with the finest food, but will also save you valuable time that was otherwise used grocery shopping and cooking.

Dinner Parties

in-home catering for dinner parties, cocktail parties or even a romantic dinner for two. Now you don’t have to worry about doing all the work and not being able to socialize with your guests.

Cooking Classes/Entertainment Cooking

Another service is in-home cooking lessons. With this service you can learn culinary techniques one on one, or host an evening with a group of friends. All who participate will not only learn valuable trade secrets, but will also enjoy a great meal prepared by an award winning professional chef.
27 Elm Street
Westfield, NJ 07090

Ducky Life Tea

Drink tea for a ducky life!

Our mission is to bring you exceptional whole leaf, organic teas and extraordinary tea drinking experiences.

We want you to delight in our teas; to have fun selecting, preparing and drinking them; and to take pleasure in sharing them with your friends and family. Wed also like to show you all the ways tea can enhance your life and ultimately make yours a ducky life.